Pom Pom’s Potato Cake [Late Night Bite 2cents]

Late night bites are apart of club-goers resume like an outfit or what clubs to hit. So after I left downtown Orlando, I took a few back roads to Bumby Plaza for some Pom Pom’s because they have an “off the beaten path” menu. Known for their sandwiches, tea & cupcakes – I find a seat on their corner couch for some cheese grits. However, because Pom Pom has become a regular late night run for me trying new things are a must.

I saw potato cake on the menu & my internal fat girl said yum – I want that crispy, creamy & salty potato on my tongue. Sooooo once that little plastic black bowl (that Pom Pom is known for ) hits the coffee table and I was like hmmmm what is this white cream & burgundy preserve on this toasty potato cake? Because clearly it was not listed on the menu as an ingredients.

Upon tasting it, I decided it was a NO BUENO. I tried to appreciate the texture & flavor profile but I couldn’t wrap my tastebud around it. It was just weird, like a herby, sweet, crunchy pie LOL *shurg*

And on a side note, I’m always fascinated about the Pom Pom customer crowd – they are too cool for school; almost like they are attempting to transport themselves to the East Village or SOHO in New York. idk – its odd. And I honestly think people frequent Pom’s for the vibe because the food is not all that O-mazing (decent but not O-mazing).

Still S/O to the $2.50 cheese grits!

Pom Pom's Teahouse and Sandwicheria on Urbanspoon

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