I met Chef Roble


I started watching Chef Roble & Co on Bravo and fell in love with his cool approach to the culinary world.  He is youthful, ambitious, driven and such a representative of the now.  I was determine to meet him upon my move to New York and one day work for him. So I attended his monthly brunch called Everyday People and I meet him (and shared my professional food goals).  I told him how he encouraged my passion for food, how much of a fan I am and that I want to work for him.  He did the quick brush off and said he wasnt hiring but I said I was willing to work for free and to give me a shoot.  I scored his email address and have yet to hear back; so let the stalking begin ;o)

Meeting Chef Roble speaks to the notion that nothing is out of reach and within a state of 8.2 million people, I can meet the one. And eventually I will be in that one. #NYCGoal

Ohhh and cant leave this post without sharing the #prettyfood (created by the man himself)…. Super yum and balanced in flavor. Enjoy the colorful pic below, my plate highs were the Buffalo shrimp & grits and cereal crunch french toast.


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One thought on “I met Chef Roble

  1. Shelly Shell you better not work for free, you are far too talented for that, even for the likes of Roble!!! Miss you much, shine bright!

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